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Support The Latinx Pride London Project

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Support The Latinx Pride London Project

Exilio Latinx Pride London is a project created by London's longest running LGBTQ+ Latin club Nights, Exilio London, established in 1996 by Colombian born Gloria Lizcano.

Exilio has been taking part in Pride in London for over 15 years and has also participated in Brighton Pride, Black Pride, and soon to take part in Notting Hill Carnival, Hackney Carnival and Manchester Pride.

Exilio Latinx Pride Float aims to bring together the Latinx LGBTQ+ community to celebrate our rebirth after being locked away for over 2 years of the pandemic.

Exilio needs to raise £10K to put on the Latinx Float at Pride in London 2022 on Saturday 2 July 2022.

Exilio London as a thank you to the LGBTQ+ Latin community for their loving support, annually takes part at Pride in London and puts on a float completely funded by them.Due to the pandemic this year Exilio is asking for your support as they had no funding during the pandemic, and so this year is unable to give their annual gift to the community.

Exilio Latinx Pride Float gives the Latinx LGBTQ+ community of London Visibility, creates Unity, Equality, and this year will be Intergenerational too, yes we are focusing on the future, the young Latinx people of London.

Our community is not well known and this amazing project will leave the foot print to the Latinx Pride in London, a legacy that Gloria Lizcano wants to leave for the Latinx community of London and every one to enjoy.

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