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Our Sponsors

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed sponsors for their invaluable support. Their commitment to our mission of promoting Latinx Pride and creating inclusive spaces is truly commendable. Together, we are making a difference in our community and beyond.

We extend our deepest appreciation to each sponsor for their generosity and belief in our cause. Together, we are creating a more inclusive world and celebrating the richness of Latinx culture.

Blue Pearl Dental Clinic.jpg

Blue Pearl Dental Care:

Providing exceptional dental care services with a commitment to the well-being of our community

Centro Cultural CCBL

edicated to promoting Latinx culture and fostering community engagement.


Mancho Salon

A leading salon committed to providing top-notch hairstyling services and embracing diversity.

Baque de Axe

Bringing the vibrant spirit of Brazilian culture through captivating dance performances and events.

Baque de Axé.jpg


Somos Chibchas.jpg

Somos Chibchas London

Dance School. Preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of the Chibchas community in London.

Aymara Social Enterprise

Health and well being for the Latin AMERICAN COMMUNITIES.

Spoons cafe tapas bar copy.jpg

Spoons Tapas Bar

Delighting taste buds with authentic Latin flavors and creating a welcoming space for all.

Jair Salon

An exceptional hair salon that combines expertise and creativity to create stunning looks and boost confidence. We appreciate their support and dedication to making our event even more fabulous. Thank you, Jair Salon, for being a part of our Latinx Pride celebration!

Jair hairdresser.jpg

Piazza della Cucina

Showcasing the best of Italian cuisine while embracing the diversity of our community.

Chantal Bon

A LONG TERM collaborator capturing the beauty and essence of Latinx culture through her love of Latin music and culture.

Chantal Bon.jpg
Viv Rodriguez.jpg


A dedicated supporter of our mission, spreading love, acceptance, and pride in the Latinx community.

Stephanie Bozon

A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusivity, using her platform to inspire positive change.

Stephanie Bozon.jpg

Pachamama's Cuisine

Traditional Latin American Cusine specialising in Chilean Food. Bienvenidos a la Cocina de Nuestra Tierra, somos un grupo de amigos y familiares latinoamericanos que nos hemos propuesto rescatar nuestros sabores y cocina criolla, para volver a reunir a nuestras familias alrededor de la mesa y disfrutar los frutos de nuestra Madre Tierra.

Exilio's Resident D J G

Introducing the incredible DJ G, not only our resident DJ but also a generous sponsor of the Exilio Latinx Pride London Group Float! DJ G's passion for music extends beyond the turntables as she wholeheartedly supports our mission of celebrating Latinx Pride. With an unwavering dedication to promoting inclusivity and creating unforgettable experiences, DJ G's vibrant beats and infectious energy electrify the dance floor at Exilio. Her sponsorship of the float further demonstrates her commitment to the community and her desire to make a positive impact. Join us in extending our deepest gratitude to DJ G for her incredible talent and invaluable support, both on and off the stage. Get ready to dance, celebrate, and embrace Latinx Pride with DJ G at the helm!"

Regenerate response

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We need you!


We need you!

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