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Promoting the best of Latinx UK based upcoming LGBTQ+ artists and allies and finishing with London's Hottest Queer Latinx party Exilio London.

Nikita Ni Pone

La Nikita, is a wonderfully created alter ego, Where NikitaNipone only lives up to her name, Gives the best of her….  Goddess of her beauty, her elegance and extravagance.  She is talent, she is class, she is versatility… she is Art rolling around the world. More than five years in the stages in several countries, Pure and hard nature of EXILIO

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Luqwanda Grandez

South London Queen

Luqwanda Grandez is a glamourous, fishy and stunning dancing diva from east London currently
living in south London.

She is the product of Latin and pop music. Growing up Luqwanda was a very shy queen with not many friends in school and still in the closet.

Discovering her first love Shakira’s
music and dancing at an early age had given Luqwanda the confidence to get in touch with her Arabian roots through dancing. Growing up on divas like the pussycat dolls and Ariana Grande:
Here to present this very special tribute dedicated to her first love is Luqwanda Grandez!!

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Carlos Paul

Award winning Singer, guitarist, producer and composer from Ecuador.

Carlos Paul was born in Quito

Ecuador in 1981. He learned to play the guitar at the age of 15, and this

motivated him to write his own music

and lyrics. He is one of the most

successful Latin artists in his genre in

the UK. His debut album

"Háblame" (Talk To Me) sold out

without an official release and won the

BEST LATIN ALBUM 2009 award at the

"GSD and Latin Music Awards". He was

also awarded the prize of REVELATION


In 2011, once again with the support of

his followers, the awards for his talent

and hard work earned him a BEST


awards. He has also won the Next Up

Session series in London.

His official video of "La Descarga" has

over 90000 views on YouTube.

His international debut album Todo Es

Possible and all his music catalog is now available in all major digital music stores.


JSCA is an up-and-coming artist based in London, originally from Colombia. She draws inspiration from her Latin roots and her vibrant upbringing in London, blending elements of Cumbia, Reggaeton, and Latin Pop with the familiar sounds of Indie pop and R&B influences. She has recently released a new single called ‘Tregua’ where she delves between English and Spanish to create her own unique world. If you like artists like Kali Uchis, FKA Twigs, and Charlotte Dos Santos, check out JSCA's music at Exilio on the 2nd of July.

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ROCE 40 Record Label

Roce 40, an independent record lable aiming to push Latin talent from the UK out to the world! Enjoy the Latin Sounds, vibes, energy and Fun

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Amanda Samba 2.jpg

Amanda Samba

Absolutely Fabulous

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Mauro  Caleno

I am Mauro Calero artist and showman

Impersonator singer comedian announcer Presenter entertainer Presentations in Europe.

Born in Cali Colombia Settled in London.!


Sachellys's diverse background has led the singer-songwriter to create a style of music that is equally as unique. The young artist was born in Colombia but raised in London, developing an eclectic music taste due to her parent’s interest in latin music and her siblings interest in modern genres such as R&B and hip-hop. When she began singing herself, this meant she was drawing from popular artists with amazing vocal talent such as Chris Brown and Kali Uchis, but also studying the energetic musings of artists like Grupo Niche and Celia Cruz who could move a listener to their feet and get them dancing. This blend is something Sachellys prides herself on; she can make the record you hear at every club in the city but easily switch gears to create timeless tunes you can play in your car on your ride to work. Her debut single “Could You Be” was released in early 2019 and landed her a spot at a local Pride Festival that year. Her debut EP is set to release in 2022, combining R&B vocalizations with the soul of reggaeton. Sachellys is bringing a sound to the table no other artist can replicate and translating it into a solid fan base that is sure to grow even further, starting with you! 

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La India

Reina de La Campana London

Bueno mi nombre es Jessica julieth y tengo 30 años encantada y agradecida con dios y con todo lo que me pone en el camino gracias a ti Gloria por confiar en mí talento y compartir conmigo tu gran participación en pride. Soy la India de la campana la reina de la campana londres llevo más de 6 años llevando el sabor a las discotecas y aunque todo comenzó con una recochita termino con volverme en una campanera  con mucho amor y dedicación encantada de poder compartir con todos ustedes muchas gracias los amo...Jesailyth "La India".

La India copy.jpg


Hoy en día Nené Duque está en compartiendo experiencias y trabajando con músicos y Artistas Urbanos como la Vocalista Sachellys (UK) y dentro de la industria electrónica con DJ’s como Teté Knur, Jatwel, Pipe Ramos…entre otros.

También dedica sus domingos hacer un show de 2h en La radio Kreamfm de Londres

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Ballroom Dancing Lessons
Ballroom Dancing Lessons
Somos Chibchas.jpg

Somos Chibchas

Desde el año 2010 la asociación Somos Chibchas se dedicada a la investigación, creación, difusión y defensa del folclor de Colombia. Ahora desde Londres.

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Witchas Collective

WITCHAS! Is a female music and arts collective based in Seven Sisters created by Latin American migrant women and the daughters of Latin American migrants.

WITCHAS! fusions bullerengue and other latin rhythms of African heritage with poetry, spoken word and contemporary dance to experiment with and create new sounds and to inhabit cultural spaces usually dominated by male presence.

Baque de Axe.jpg

Baque de Axé

Baque de Axé is a percussion band that plays maracatu (traditional music from the north east of Brazil). You and a friend will join the band’s workshop/rehearsal to learn about maracatu and play the different instruments with the group


Dorothea Smart

Renown Poet

Dorothea Smartt FRSL: Vintage zami/macomère. Renown poet-
live artist with two full poetry collections, her last
chapbook Reader, I Married Him & Other Queer Goings-On, “is
subversive…ultimately…about Black diasporic love.” Her
collection Ship Shape, is an ‘A’ level English Literature text. As a
former member of Brixton Black Women’s Group, she’s contributed to
Blackfeminist activism since the 1980’s; created the Black Lesbian
Support Network (with Uma Kali-Shakti); and was on staff at the
ground-breaking Black Lesbian & Gay Centre Project. She is currently
a Royal College of Art visiting lecturer, and remains co-Director of
INSCRIBE, a national Black & Asian writer development programme.
Most recently she became a practice-based PhD Cultural Studies
student, researching British Blacklesbian poets in the late twentieth
century together with creating a poetic suite about her Caribbean
family ancestry, including same-gender-loving persons, from 1904 on
the Panama Canal to London in the 1990s.

Los Vagos Art

Los Vagos (  Emily Bustos and Jordan Santos ) are a team of artists and designs from London. We specialise in creating bright, colourful and imaginative pieces of work and characters. Our vision has always been to bring life back to the streets and our community, in our more and more busy world we tend to lose our childlike wonder and imagination and get lost in the boring and mundane but when murals are put up it helps break that cycle and makes up appreciate the beauty of art.

We believe that artworks shouldn’t be hidden behind closed doors only for the elites to see but rather for everyone to see one the goal of inspiring them and making a street corner just ever so slightly beautiful.

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