Exilio and LGBTQ+ Latinos Unidos at Pride in London Parade

Exilio is delighted to announce that we have a large float at this year’s London Pride Parade and the theme of this year’s float is an Exotic Tropical Paradise.


As much as we would like everyone to walk with us, we are afraid that we have been given ONLY 80 wristbands, which means that only 80 people of the LGBT Latin community get to walk with us, crazy I know but real.

Please get in touch with other organisations as our 80 wristbands have now been taken. 

We have tried very much to get extra wristbands but have not been granted any extra by Pride London, sorry.

Exilio represent the colour of the beautiful LGBTQ+ Latin 

You get to walk at the Parade with the most EXOTIC float, from the theme to the music and you also get the benefits of the Golden Membership for one year.

Golden Membership - £20 one off payment valid for a year

This is ideal for people that love Exilio and appreciate the work that we do. As a Golden member you will be entitled to 20% of the entry fee to Exilio events, free entry on your Birthday plus one, and ONE Pride Parade Wristband for you to walk at Pride in London n Saturday 6th July at 12 noon.

Why support Exilio and

the Latin LGBTQ Community at Pride

Exilio and the LGBTQ Latin community, take part at London Pride Parade annually on a self-funding basis.

Exilio is a LGBT Latin dance club that has always supported Latinos at London Pride by creating a platform where the Latin community can feel accepted, acknowledge, to feel open and free and to be able to express who we are, we don't have this back at home, or not at least in the same level as we have it here in London. 

Exilio and the Latin community at London Pride Parade promotes openness, we promote love, we are promoting life, dignity, human rights, we are promoting Latin culture, Latin music and Latin passion.

Our sole aim is to provide benefit to the Latin LGBTQ community, and we work hard to ensure that our participation at Pride delivers a true representation of the Latin community spirit in London from the entertainment to production.


​This is an event that we are very proud to take part in, but in today’s economic climate it isn’t a cheap proposition to produce as a self-funding event and we need your support.



Regular festival goers will recognise that most commercial festival tickets carry a much higher price and we are also limited to the number of wristbands we have been allocated.


With anticipated increases in float entry, wristband reductions, larger production, we face significant challenges. We aim to deliver a community float that is critically acclaimed and value for money.

Keep Latinos at Pride in London

Unidos Somos Más Fuertes

Exilio spent over £5,000 on power, sound and lighting, crew costs, production of the float, and that’s just a fraction of the overall costs of staging a float at London Pride event.

This year we have a bigger productions and we need to raise 7K in under 4 weeks!

Please consider making a small donation to keep our LGBTQ+ Latin community marching at Pride in London.